Prayers for 2024 at Cowplain Church

Let 2024 Be A Year Of Prayer at Cowplain Church

Leading On From Our Week of Prayer In January 2024

In January, we had a Week of Prayer at Cowplain Church and we had the opportunity to pray for personal matters but also for our ministries and teams at Cowplain Church.
Each volunteer and ministry is very important to us at Cowplain Church, and we love to encourage them through prayer.
As a church, we want to come together and pray for every serving member of Cowplain Church but also the impact their work has. We serve one God, and we pray that each ministry amplifies that purpose.
Join us as we make 2024 a great year of prayer!

"When a believing person prays, great things happen."
James 5:16
Dedicated Days To Each Ministry
Dedicated Days To Each Ministry

“It was so encouraging to have a week of prayer and many of you commented on how helpful it was to take time out in the quiet to pray, to go around the prayer stations and also to pray together in the guided prayer times. What was also powerful was when ministry leaders shared updates on the ministry they lead and requests for prayer and then for us to pray for the work. But what came out from that was that many mentioned that there were lots ministries and teams that you weren’t aware of, and that there are many ministry teams that work behind the scenes and it was good to know about that and to pray for the teams.

It’s in light of this that we have produced this prayer booklet to encourage to keep praying for all the ministries at CEC. You will see that we have listed ministries under a day of the week. The idea is to
stop and to pray for those ministries listed on that particular day as it will be encouraging for the teams to know that they are being prayed for as they do their ministry on that actual day.”

Let's Pray Each Day For A Different Ministry

May God bless us and our church in our work and witness.

Monday - Friends in Stitches, Pastor & Church Leaders

Friends in Stitches

Let’s express our gratitude for the wonderful ladies who knit and craft items destined for Africa, including cozy blankets and adorable teddies. While the original charity we supported is no longer, our passion to continue sending items to Africa remains strong. Join us in prayer for guidance as we seek new partnerships.

Pastor and Elders

In gratitude, we acknowledge the leadership and oversight provided by our Pastor and Elders. As they guide us through the year, let’s lift up prayers for wisdom and God’s guidance. Our Pastor shoulders significant responsibilities, including the weekly preparation and delivery of God’s Word. Join in prayer for God to lead us to the men meant to join CEC as assistant Pastors—specifically, an assistant Pastor for Fellowship and one for families. May both positions be filled before the year concludes.


A special thanks goes out to our Deacons who work hard behind the scenes. They attend to practical aspects of church life, from maintaining the building and overseeing finances to managing tech, policies, and governance. Let’s come together in prayer for this dedicated team throughout the year. Additionally, let’s seek the Lord’s guidance for new deacons to join and complement the existing team.

Tuesday - Coffee Shop & Life Groups

Coffee Shop

Let’s join in prayer for everyone who walks through the doors of our Coffee Shop, that they may tangibly experience the love of Christ. Pray for our community, asking God to meet their needs and create an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. Additionally, lift up prayers for the expansion of our team, that more individuals would join in serving.

We express our gratitude to God for those who have sought comfort in our Coffee Shop, needing someone to talk to. Thank you for their return visits, and for some finding their way to attend church on Sundays. We appreciate the privilege of serving our community.

Life Groups and Leaders, Lois Ladies

As we lift up our Life Groups in prayer, may each gathering be blessed with a sense of deep connection and spiritual growth as they delve into the Word together. Pray for the emergence of new Life Group leaders and hosts, that we may expand and add more groups to our community. May these groups be a source of strength, support, and fellowship for all who participate.

Wednesday - Ladies Fellowship & Alpha

Ladies Fellowship

Expressing gratitude for the ministry of Ladies Fellowship, a space that goes beyond providing fellowship, offering precious moments of worship and Bible teaching. Let’s give thanks for Mandy, who leads Ladies Fellowship, and for the wonderful ladies who gather each week. In our prayers, let’s also seek someone gifted in playing the piano to enhance our worship experience.

Alpha Team

In heartfelt gratitude, we acknowledge the recent Alpha course and the individuals who participated. Let’s give thanks for those who made commitments during this course, praying that they may experience substantial growth in their newfound faith. As we reflect on the recent Alpha journey, let’s lift up prayers for discernment and guidance regarding the next steps in this transformative process. May God continue to lead and inspire those involved in the Alpha Team.

Thursday - Toddlers & Bumps and Babes


In our prayers, let’s remember and uplift single mothers, acknowledging the unique challenges they face. Give thanks for the precious gift of new life represented by the babies we know. Our hearts go out to those with unwell children, and we ask for God’s comfort and healing. Pray for the children in our community, that they may encounter the love of Jesus. Lift up those yearning to become parents, and pray for the parents and caregivers who walk through our doors each week, that they may find solace in Jesus.

Express gratitude for the love and joy of supportive family and friends. Let’s also remember in our prayers families living in poverty, many in temporary accommodation, and the organizations dedicated to supporting them.

Bumps & Babes

As we gather in prayer, let’s specifically lift up the babies who are part of our Bumps & Babes group. Pray for the mothers, especially those navigating motherhood for the first time. May these connections foster a deeper engagement with the church community, providing a source of support and encouragement for both mothers and babies.

Friday - Cowplain Kids & Flower Team

Cowplain Kids

Reflecting on the year, we’ve witnessed a consistent attendance at Cowplain Kids, fostering strong relationships among the children. It’s heartening to note that a brother and sister recently attended church for couple of weeks—an encouraging sign of engagement.

In our prayers, let’s seek new faces to join Cowplain Kids, bringing fresh energy and perspectives. Additionally, let’s pray for the growth and strength of the CK team, that they may continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the children.

Flower Team

Expressing gratitude for the dedicated individuals on the Flower Team who craft beautiful displays each week, bringing visual blessings to our church. As we give thanks, let’s also lift up prayers for the team’s well-being and creativity. May God inspire more individuals to join the Flower Team, contributing their talents to enhance our worship space.

Saturday - Chair Team, Women Together, Cleaning Team

Chair Team

We are so grateful for the dedicated individuals serving on the Chairs ministry team, a crucial but often overlooked aspect of our church life. In our prayers, let’s express thanks and seek energy and safety for those diligently setting up chairs. Pray for an increased sense of shared responsibility, that more individuals may come forward to support this essential behind-the-scenes ministry.

Women Together

In gratitude for all the women within our church, let’s lift up prayers for the Women Together ministry and its team. May their efforts in organising a variety of events, blending social, teaching, worship, and outreach opportunities, continue to be a source of enrichment and connection for the women in our community.

Cleaning Team

Our Cleaning ministry has been blessed with new volunteers, enhancing efficiency and ease in carrying out the tasks. In our prayers, let’s request strength and good health for the team to continue their important work. Additionally, let’s pray for more volunteers to join, with the possibility of someone having a church key, enabling a rotation for weekend duties.

Sunday - Service Hosts, Welcoming Team, Refreshments, Tech, PA, Kids Teams, Youth Team, Worship Team, Communion, Prayer Team

Welcome Teams (including Greeters, Service Hosts, and Information Desk for Discovery and Discipleship Services)

Let’s lift up prayers of gratitude for the Sunday welcome teams—those who warmly greet us at the door, the service hosts managing the practical aspects, and the Information Desk team providing assistance. Pray for continued enthusiasm, growth in these teams, and for additional volunteers to join.

Tech – PA

Express thanks for the dedicated individuals contributing to the PA tech team and pray for their encouragement. Seek the Lord’s guidance in bringing in more volunteers to support this essential ministry.

Tech – Visuals

Give thanks for the valuable hours invested in enhancing our worship through visuals. Pray for encouragement for the current team members and for more volunteers to join, contributing their skills to this impactful ministry.

Worship Team

Express gratitude for the commitment and dedication of our worship team, leading us in worship each week. Pray for their encouragement and for the addition of more people to join these vital teams.

Refreshments Team

Thank God for the servants in the Refreshments Team who make and serve refreshments each week. Pray for the team’s growth and for others to volunteer, contributing to this enjoyable aspect of our church fellowship.

Communion Preparation

Express gratitude for the Communion Preparation team, recognising their importance in setting up the Lord’s Table. Pray for their continued service and dedication.

Communion Serving

Give thanks for those who serve communion with reverence and quiet diligence. Pray for their continued commitment to this meaningful act of service.


Pray for wisdom as the age group in Creche has lowered. Ask for guidance on how to present Bible stories and activities effectively. Lift up prayers for additional Creche leaders to help set up, lead, and run sessions on Sundays.

Sunday Club

Express thanks for the multitude of children attending Sunday Club. Pray for the team’s needs, including staffing and renewed enthusiasm to share the good news with children in an exciting way. Pray for the children’s individual needs, for their understanding of Jesus, and for more people to join the teaching team.


Give thanks for the young people attending Relish and the team teaching them about Jesus and biblical truth. Pray for the group’s growth and that these young people will come to faith and mature in their journey.

Prayer Team and Prayer Line

Pray for the Prayer Team, acknowledging their vital role in providing support, healing, and encouragement. Lift up prayers for the Prayer Line, that it may continue to respond to prayer needs effectively. Pray for the team’s strength and guidance as they minister to the church community.

Offering Counters

Express gratitude for those faithfully counting the offering each Sunday. Pray for more counters to join this key ministry, ensuring its continued effectiveness.

Ongoing Prayers

Creative Team

Express gratitude for the abundance of creativity within the Creative Team, especially acknowledging Apphia’s significant role in developing our website (👋) and managing social media. In our prayers, let’s seek inspiration for the creative process and pray for the addition of more individuals to join this essential team.

Care Team

Give thanks for the valuable support and care extended by the Care Team, addressing both long-term and emergency needs. Pray for the willingness and capability of Care Team members to step up and fulfill requests as they arise. May their compassion and dedication continue to make a positive impact on those in need.

Admin Team

A special appreciation for Tori, our dedicated administrator, who works diligently behind the scenes. Handling crucial administrative tasks, Tori ensures the smooth operation of our church. In our prayers, let’s express gratitude for Tori’s hard work and ask for continued wisdom and strength in this essential role. May Tori find fulfillment and joy in the impactful work done for our church family.

Overseas Mission and Natalie

In our prayers, let’s lift up the three mission agencies we support:

  • Tearfund: A Christian charity working in over 50 of the world’s poorest countries, addressing poverty through sustainable development, disaster response, and confronting injustice.
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF): The world’s largest humanitarian air operator, facilitating over 2,000 aid, development, and mission organizations by flying light aircraft to remote areas for medical care, emergency relief, and long-term development.
  • Open Doors: Supporting persecuted Christians in more than 70 countries by supplying Bibles, offering emergency relief, and assisting believers in standing strong for the long term.

Additionally, let’s pray for Natalie, our missionary in Bolivia. As she prepares to return in February, let’s seek divine guidance for a smooth transition back to life in Bolivia. May she be empowered to resume her ministry responsibilities with purpose and impact.

Do You Feel Called To Serve at Cowplain Church?

You will also see that there are a number of ministry teams who are asking that we pray for God to add more people to their team. And here's the amazing thing: You could be an answer to prayer! God may be calling you to serve in one of the many areas at CEC. I believe that God grows us more when we serve and there is such a joy to serve with others. I encourage you, that as you pray for our ministry teams, also pray that God would speak to you as to where you could be serving. If God does that, listen to that. Then come and talk to me or one of the other elders and we can look at how to plug you into that ministry. As a church family we have so much to be thankful for, especially for all those who serve in a ministry.

Sit and Worship Our God

As you listen to the tracks, sit for a while and reflect on the themes that are sung. Read some Bible passages that are meaningful to you or turn to the Psalms, which are songs of praise – especially Psalms 145-150.

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