About Us


We are Cowplain Evangelical Church - a Church for all people, of all ages transforming lives for Jesus.
We exist to REACH all people of all ages with the truth of Jesus, to UNITE them with other believers, to help them to GROW in their faith and to discover their POTENTIAL as they HONOUR God.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision statements are so important at Cowplain Church as they help guide and steer us to a church that focuses on loving and teaching the true God.


Our mission statement serves as a guide that helps to align our church to stay fixed on worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and evangelism.


Our Vision Statement sets a guidance on the future for the church, and what we believe to be God’s vision for us at Cowplain Evangelical Church.

Why Do We Exist As A Church?

1. To REACH all people of all ages with the truth of Jesus

The gospel is the good news of Jesus, the One who came to seek and save the lost. He came for everyone, and we want all to hear and know that.

2. To UNITE them with other believers

We aim to build a community that knows, loves and shares about our God in unity with everyone around them.

3. To help them to GROW in their faith

Cowplain Church seeks to disciple the church, to encourage all to grow in their faith with God, creating a church that can walk in the world with Jesus by their side.

Cowplain Church Worship

4. To discover their POTENTIAL 

We believe that God has given everyone skills and abilities to serve Him, and we want to help you discover that.

5. As they HONOUR God

Let’s be a church that honours and serves the great God, our Heavenly Father.

Explore Cowplain Evangelical Church

Mission Statement

Read our five principles; the five pillars of the church which we are seeking to build upon here at Cowplain Church.

Vision Statement

A vision of how we believe God wants the church to look. Check out Cowplain Church’s Vision Statement.

Our Leadership Team

Got questions about Cowplain Evangelical Church? Contact Pastor Phill or one of the leadership team.


Tithing is an act of worship to God and giving God 10% of what you earn is a practice we encourage our regular attenders to do.

Serving At Cowplain Church

We offer many opportunities to serve God at Cowplain Church and we believe everyone has a skill that can be used for God.

How About Joining Us For An Event?

We are a vibrant church, full of events and ministries ready for you to come join us!

Come and Join us on a Sunday!

We warmly welcome you to come and join us on Sunday. Our Discovery Service starts at 10am and our Discipleship Service begins at 5pm, and we would love to see you there!