9: The problem of the heart (Parable of the Tenants) | Can you see it?
Rev Phill Brown   -  

We have all been insulted by someone and perhaps it’s easier to forgive an accidental injury than a deliberate insult. But some insults are deliberate and calculated to hurt. They can deliver devastating emotional wounds especially if those who deliver them are people close to us. Names do hurt. Words do have a capacity to draw tears and prey upon our minds, to sting our feelings in a way that no physical blow ever can. Perhaps a memory of a hurtful insult haunts you. If so, you’ll be able to empathize profoundly with the parable of the Tenants. In this parable, Jesus is telling us the story of what can justly be called the most shameless, the cruellest insult ever in the history of the world. He warns us about our heart problem, but he also invites us to come to him for the solution.¬†

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