4: How anger holds us back | Jonah: Grace that is greater
Rev Phill Brown   -  

As we come to the last part in our series, we have seen each week how the book of Jonah is all about God’s scandalous mercy; God’s amazing grace. Jonah is a complicated character in many ways and we see this in that God’s prophet believes it would be wrong of God to give mercy to a guilty and ruthless people. So, Jonah has got some issues. In fact, he becomes very emotional about God’s actions. He gets angry, really angry. During this message we will see he’s not dealing with his anger very well. But we will also see how Jonah has much to teach us about how we deal with anger. Anger can be devastating to our lives and to others if we don’t know how to handle it. We will also look at how to deal with anger so that it doesn’t hold us back from being all God wants us to be.

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