Watoto At Cowplain Church

Join Us As We Dance and Sing With Watoto This May!

Watoto Children's Choir Coming To Portsmouth!

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at Cowplain Church in May 2024 as the Watoto Children's Choir, all the way from Uganda, takes the stage.

Join us for a celebration of vibrant African culture through traditional songs and dances, coupled with powerful testimonies highlighting the transformative impact of Watoto's mission.

These talented and resilient children bring a message of hope and joy, providing an opportunity for you to support Watoto's mission of rescuing and raising orphaned and vulnerable children.

This May!

Mark your calendars for this unique cultural experience that promises to inspire and uplift. Don't miss out on the chance to witness the extraordinary journey of these young ambassadors of hope!

Better Days - There Is Hope!

Meet the wonderful children, Uncles and Aunties of Watoto Children's Choir.

Who Are Watoto?

Watoto is like a beacon of hope for kids in Uganda who’ve faced tough times.

Since 1994, they’ve been rescuing and raising these amazing children, giving them a chance to grow into leaders who can make a positive impact.

Picture a group of resilient youngsters from Watoto, sharing their stories through lively African songs and dances. This is the Watoto Children’s Choir, and they travel around the world to connect with people like you.

By doing this, they’re not just putting on a show; they’re spreading hope and transformation.

"Wonderful time of praise and worship. Standing room only for African children choir."
A Visitor When Watoto Came In 2019

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Smile Along With Watoto When You Hear Their Great Stories of Restoration and Their Wonderful Singing Voices!