3: The God of the second chance | Jonah: Grace that is greater
Rev Phill Brown   -  

Can anyone be so far from God that they can’t be saved? Is it possible to live your life in such a way that God says, “That’s it! You have done too much wrong, you will never be forgiven”? Remember the Ninevites? Surely, they were so evil that God would not have compassion on them? If we ever doubt that God is the God of second chances, then Jonah chapter 3 should remove any doubts we have. Even though it looked like Jonah had blown it, the Ninevites were too evil, God’s Grace said otherwise. In this message, we are going to see one of the most beautiful pictures of grace. The grace of God, to those who do not deserve it. It’s a truth that will encourage all of us.

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